Nowadays, TURBOMECANICA’s goal is to become a permanent supplier of components and repair services for the aeronautical industry and other high-tech areas, maintaining a high quality standard for the manufactured / repaired products, thus ensuring the satisfaction of the traditional customers but  also securing new customers, optimal earnings and long-term profits.

In this context, our company’s strategy is based on the continuous development of new programs in partnership with prestigious names in the aeronautics industry.

The changes that have taken place at the management level, founded on efficiency and effectiveness principles, along with innovations and ongoing investments in new technologies, have led to continuous progressive increases in turnover, by attracting new projects and new partnerships.

In a constant progress and operating in a business environment posing numerous challenges, TURBOMECANICA is, at any moment, ready to explore the development of new turbine engine programs together with traditional customers or with new partners. Also, continuing with the manufacturing and repair programs of aviation and industrial assemblies and components, we are ready to conclude strategic partnerships, joint ventures, agreements to set up repair bases for aviation industry products. Our main strength is the condition of quality, never making compromises when it comes to reliability and always paying attention to our partners interests through cost-efficiency.

TURBOMECANICA is open to support actions related to other products promoted by aeronautical companies in Romania and is able to carry out manufacturing / repair / maintenance programs for components and assemblies foreseen to be delivered, in the future, to operators in Romania or Eastern Europe.

The Beginnings of TURBOMECANICA

Jet Engine Era

The Beginnings of


Jet Engine Era

Our mission began in 1975, with the foundation of  TURBOMECANICA Plant, when we became the main manufacturer of turbine engines for aviation and mechanical assemblies for helicopters  as well as of engines for the Romanian made aircrafts used by the Romanian Ministry of National Defense and the Romanian Intelligence Service

In the ‘70s the Romanian government launched an extensive program for the development of the aeronautical industry, its main objective being the construction of combat aircrafts and helicopters. Thus, in 1975, TURBOMECANICA Bucharest was established, being endowed at the highest technological level and having a reasonable degree of independence as regards the manufacturing process. In this context, the best manufacturing equipment available at that time, as well as the manufacturing and assembly licenses for the VIPER 632-41R / M, TURMO IV C / CA engines and the mechanical assemblies of the PUMA helicopter were purchased for TURBOMECANICA.

The VIPER 632-41R / M engine, produced under the Rolls-Royce license, equips the IAR 99 STANDARD / Soim fighter jet, capable to carry out both ground-attack missions as well as reconnaissance missions. The TURMO IV C / CA engine, produced under the TURBOMECA FRANCE license and the mechanical assemblies of IAR-330 produced under the AEROSPACE FRANCE license (currently AIRBUS), equip the PUMA IAR-330 combat helicopter, which can perform attack, search-rescue or troop transport missions, including during night.

TURBOMECANICA initially developed by successfully integrating the traditional products mentioned above, thus becoming an important and exclusive supplier of new products for the Romanian Ministry of Defense. Later on, together with Rolls-Royce and its Yugoslav partners, a post-combustion program for the VIPER 633-47 engine was developed.

In 1980, another license was acquired namely the ROLLS-ROYCE license for SPEY 512-14 DW turbocharged civil engine, which propelled the BAC-111-500 aircraft. In 1985, the Romanian and the former Soviet Union Governments initiated a joint program for the development and production in TURBOMECANICA of a 700 hp turbine engine for helicopters (currently these types of engines are no longer in production).

After 1990, TURBOMECANICA became a joint stock company and underwent a process of reorganization and modernization, maintaining a high quality standard for manufactured / repaired products, thus ensuring the satisfaction of traditional customers and securing new customers. Our company has been involved, together with our traditional IAR Brasov partner, in helicopter modernization programs, being the exclusive supplier of repair activities for engines and mechanical assemblies for IAR 330 SOCAT, IAR 330 NATO, IAR 330 NAVAL (for SAR missions, ASW , ASUW), PUMA SM for United Arab Emirates and PUMA in VIP configuration.

In 2002, TURBOMECANICA and GENERAL ELECTRIC, established a joint venture with headquarters in Romania, under the name “TURBOMECANICA COMBUSTOR PRODUCTS”; TURBOMECANICA, sold its share of 50% to GENERAL ELECTRIC in 2007.

Nowadays, our company has become an internationally recognized supplier of aviation and industrial parts and components (gas turbines), having experience in programs such as: TRENT 700, TRENT 900, CFM engines, mechanical assemblies for civil helicopters AW109 / AW119 LEONARDO HELICOPTERS, being actively engaged on the international market by developing cooperation programs with prestigious aeronautical companies.

The Beginnings of Romanian Aeronautical Industry

The Beginnings

of Romanian

Aeronautical Industry

It all started with Henri Coanda, the Romanian who, in 1910 at the Paris Aeronautical Salon presented the future to the world: a non-propelled airplane powered by a jet engine. Subsequently, through his scientific research he advanced the progress of  aeronautics field, becoming a remarkable scientist (the Coanda effect is his discovery) and a member of the Romanian Academy of Sciences.

Immediately after the First World War,  the most important aircraft factory was founded in Romania, under the name of  “Romanian Aeronautical Industry Plant” -Brasov. Since 1925, this plant has manufactured 11 types of aviation engines with powers between 130 hp and 1025 hp, as well as 8 types of licensed aircraft, 17 types of original airplanes designed and manufactured in Romania, wood and metallic propellers, landing gears, armaments, various other equipment.

IAR. Brasov became an outstanding brand starting with the production of the IAR 80, the world’s 4th highest ranked –  speedwise – combat aircraft, being a  fighter jet from  Hawker Hurricane class. The IAR 80 later evolved as IAR 81, the ground attack and reconnaissance version of its predecessor.

In 1927, I.A.R. Brasov started the manufacturing, under the French license of Lorraine-Dietrich W, of 12-cylinder water-cooled aviation engine, able to develop 450 hp, continuing with other products well known at the time: Gnome-Rhone 7K, 9K, 14K, radial engines, Daimler-Benz DB 605.

The Romanian manufacturer I.A.R. Brasov desired and was capable of doing more than licensed work, so it went straight from the improvement of existing products – to the development of completely new concepts. In this way, in 1940 the IAR-14KIVc321000 A1 engine came into production, with a series of over 400 air-cooled, over-powered 1025 HP engines, with two rows of radial cylinders. This engine propelled the IAR 80 and IAR 81 fighters, being particularly appreciated internationally.