Turbomecanica s.a.


TURBOMECANICA sponsored the fields: cultural, educational, social, community and sports

TURBOMECANICA had the privilege to sponsor Elite Art Club UNESCO, an action that focuses on the development and promotion of young talents.

Elite Art Club UNESCO aims to promote UNESCO’s fundamental principles by organizing complex cultural projects that respond to the needs of national civil society and contribute to Romania’s cultural and educational development.

At the international level, UNESCO’s Elite Art Club efforts are focused on promoting international intellectual cooperation and the advancement of universal cultural values, placing a special emphasis on Romania’s role in the development of European cultural heritage.
Specifically, TURBOMECANICA sponsored the organization for setting up extensive cultural projects with local and national recognition. The Festival  “Classics for Pleasure” (10-12 August 2018) is one of the most important musical projects of the organization: an outstanding artistic event, conceived in accordance with the European trends in the field, culminating with a Proms of Delight concert.
Through the sponsorship of this festival, TURBOMECANICA helped the organization to achieve its goals, namely:

  • Promoting Romania as a professional cultural center in the musical field, at the highest standards, able to compete with cultural programs around the world, by expanding the possibilities of carrying out various activities in the artistic and cultural field;
  • Attracting and strengthening the public interest for culture, especially for classical music;
  • Awareness of the general public on the benefits of classical music in all its diversity.