Why Social


By successfully fulfilling the professional responsibilities assumed with a deep understanding of the problems of the Romanian civil society, TURBOMECANICA team engages with passion and dedication in education, culture, humanitarian actions and other such activities.


TURBOMECANICA supports education

Our involvement in education includes the development and existence, within the company, of programs for young people with the aim of helping them to evolve professionally, being close to them during the maturation period. Through our specific programs we are involved, together with educational institutions, in the evolution of the Romanian society, based on education. For a profound impact on young people, we approached different age / education categories, developing programs for both DUAL and Internship and Practice.

We believe that the vision, passion and dedication of employees, as well as the culture of the company, elements that underlie our success, can also be used to better transform the life of the society we are part of.

Our company provides financial  but also material support to young talents for several educational projects, for example, the creation of industrial robots (Robo Sapiens’ Robotics team of Spiru Haret) and educational events: EUROAVIA Bucharest Association (Train New Trainers “), The Leaders Foundation (” Leaders Experience “event), as well as the sponsorship of the Universal Publishing House for the arrival of the book” How do we lead. Between amateurism and professionalism “, author prof. Dr. Ion Verboncu.

Thus, we support the students passionate about new technologies and programming to develope skills and capitalize on their potential.

TURBOMECANICA supports the Romanian civil society

The company has decided to redirect financial and / or material resources to support some of the causes that we consider to be of interest to civil society.

We are constantly striving for our involvement in community projects. We have sponsored and will continue to support people with disabilities, with health problems, to support young people who demonstrate their talent in all fields, and we also support the promotion of authentic Romanian values, also encouraging the positive efforts of the disadvantaged.

Thus, we have encouraged activities in the  cultural, educational, social, community and sports fields developed by the UNESCO Elite Art Club, the actions of the Mia`s Children Association in identifying the potential of each child and its development, but also other initiatives: the National Veterans Association for War (“VeteRun-Centenar Cross” project), Association “With you I understand the world”, Gladiator-Szobi Cseh Association, “Cosmonaut Dumitru Dorin Prunariu” Foundation, to celebrate the 35th anniversary of the first flight of a Romanian in space.

Creating and sustaining social values ​​is not just a responsibility for us but especially an opportunity to rethink the way we do business so that we can contribute to sustainable economic growth of the contemporary Romanian society.


TURBOMECANICA supports the environment

As a responsible company, we are aware of the importance and influence of our actions on the environment.

TURBOMECANICA is continuously involved in preserving the environment through pollution prevention, proper resource management and continuous improvement of processes and production capacities.

Our company has a long tradition in financing the activities of associations involved in environmental protection and in the development of non-profit social activities.

So why SOCIAL? Because we are the ones who strongly believe that:

  • Any beneficial social action can change a person’s life;
  • We are all responsible for the future of education in our country;
  • We need to train competent people who will later, at least at the level we are currently doing, because, only by creating communities of talented and passionate young people, we will be able to raise the level of current education in Romania;
  • Designing the future requires social solidarity;

Because we care!