Turbomecanica s.a.


TURBOMECANICA has advocated identifying the potential of each child and developing it

TURBOMECANICA team is constantly committed to providing financial and material support to associations involved in supporting disadvantaged children as well as  in programs promoting  the access to education .

Our team’s involvement in social projects led to provision of material and financial support of the “St. John Iacob” and “Saint Vineri-Pajura” parishes together with the “Projects For Humanity” and “Mia’s Children” Associations.

Our contribution was addressed exclusively  to  skills development at children from low income households, to  improvement of  children’s living environment but also to the support of educational activities.

Mia’s Children is a non-profit organization, licensed and accredited in Romania, founded on the desire to save children and young people with limited living resources, neglected, abandoned or abused, from Bucharest and neighboring areas.

The purpose of the association is to help children and young people grow and live better lives away from poverty, abuse, prostitution, school dropout, drugs.

At Mia’s Children, children receive education, counseling, art classes, singing, literary creation, theater, sports, and many others. Efforts are being made to maintain a living relationship between children and their families and all these things cannot end in  good results without our solidarity and support.

Our goal is to promote the principle of social responsibility, through our own example, which should be embraced by any company .

All children have the right to a decent life and easy access to education, and we are willing to support this goal.