DUAL Learning

Description of the program

In accordance with Art. 23 of the Methodology for the organization and functioning of dual education, approved by the Order of the Minister of National Education no. 3554/2017 and Order no. 5360 of October 16, 2017, we started the collaboration with “Dinicu Golescu” Technical College  and “Henri Coanda” Technical College, for  organizing this type of education.

In this regard, we offer to the 8th grade graduates from all over the country and from the Republic of Moldova the opportunity of a high-level and proficient training in   “Numeric Machine Operator” and “Mechanical Aircraft” professions, with a view to be employed in our company.

During the years of study, the pupils benefit from a state scholarship, as well as from material support from our company, from sectoral mayoralties and, last but not least, from the educational unit.

The purpose of this interinstitutional collaboration is to create an attractive offer for students to choose these types of crafts needed for carrying out the activities in our company and, most important, is to provide a safe and well-paid job for the graduates.

Having a secure job, following the completion of these studies, is the most important benefit for these students!

Iulian Tache, student Dinicu Golescu: “I did not feel ready to take a baccalaureate exam so I chose a professional school. My mother advised me, but I also chose. After graduating a high school, for example, you do not have a stable job but you have it here. “