Turbomecanica s.a.


Turbomecanica at AEROCONSULT 2018

For the 4th consecutive year, TURBOMECANICA participated at AEROCONSULT 2018, a large event organized, between 23-24 April,  by  EUROAVIA Students Association, in collaboration with the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering. This event is attended by a large number of aviation companies interested in making their offer known within the educational and recruitment programs of future specialists.

AEROCONSULT, at its 9th edition, promotes and develops the communication between the representatives of participating companies and the students of the faculty, allowing the companies operating in the field of aerospace engineering to present themselves and facilitating the signing of precontracts for internships and work placements.


This year’s event, held over a period of two days, was structured as follows: in the first part of the day,  alternately, took place company presentations and open panel discussions. Throughout the course of the event, stands were provided for interaction with the students, TURBOMECANICA participating with their own presentation stand.

Besides TURBOMECANICA, who participated as Gold Sponsor, other companies with a reputation in the field, both national and international,  joined in, such as: GKN Fokker Engineering, Universal Allonz Corporation, Alten Group, GMV, Airbus Helicopters, Deimos Space, Blue Air and Assystem, and Romaero as an industrial partner.

AEROCONSULT is the event that brings the student into focus. The purpose of TURBOMECANICA participation in this event was to get the most effective interaction between the company and the young engineers, informing students, guiding and supporting their future career. The students who visited our stand were interested in knowing in detail the company’s capabilities and the opportunities it can offer to the future specialists.

TURBOMECANICA provided extensive information about its practice programs (Turbo Trainee), which include: Intership Turbo and Turbo School Practice, as well as about the jobs and the opportunities available with the company.. The representation team offered details on how to conduct practice internships, about the departments where the programs are being developed as well as on the benefits and the opportunities for the students attending these programs. The event was also a good occasion to promote the company, as detailed information and promotional materials were presented at the stand (roll-ups, flyers, brochures, etc.).

By participating in AEROCONSULT, we helped shape the future aspirations of young candidates by facilitating both the meeting and the interaction between them and TURBOMECANICA specialists.