Turbomecanica s.a.



Between  24th and 26th of October 2017, Munich, Germany hosted the 12th edition of International Fair of the suppliers from Aerospace Industry – AIRTEC 2017, which brought together 147 exhibitors from 23 countries and 43 official visitors were registered.

TURBOMECANICA participated at this event in this year also with its own booth located in E11.

During the 3 days exhibition, TURBOMECANICA had a wide range of B2B meetings with business partners as well as potential clients / suppliers, TMB’s specialists receiving the visit of numerous guests, including: ROLLS ROYCE Deutschland Ltd. & Co KG, SIEMENS AG Germany, MITSUBISHI HEAVY INDUSTRIES EUROPE Ltd., MECAPOLE France, XRIS X-RAY IMAGING SOLUTIONS Belgium, HEMPEL SPECIAL METALS LTD United Kingdom, DIGITAL THERMOPLASTIC COMPONENTS BV Netherlands, SIGMA PRECISION COMPONENTS UK, OGMA – Portuguese Aeronautics Industry, and many others.

We believe that the presence of TURBOMECANICA at the current AIRTEC 2017 edition was an important opportunity, successfully capitalized for the reaffirmation, resumption of new principles and the development of historical partnerships with internationally renowned companies.

On the other hand, on this occasion, TURBOMECANICA once again capitalized the opportunity to make known its productive capabilities and competitive management systems, establishing contacts with third-party aerospace industry representatives. activities that we hope will materialize in cooperation programs in the near future.