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TURBOMECANICA at BSDA 2018 – Black Sea Defense & Aerospace Exhibition & Conference

Between 16-18 May 2018, TURBOMECANICA successfully participated in the most renowned international event organized in Romania, with the official support of the Romanian Government, dedicated to the aeronautical, defense, national security and security industries – BSDA 2018 (Black Sea Defense & Aerospace Exhibition), 7th edition, event organized in ROMAERO – Baneasa exhibition complex.

The event brought together representatives of the Ministry of National Defense, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs represented by  the Export Control Department – ANCEX, the Romanian Intelligence Service and  SPP, the Ministry of Economy, the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Research and Innovation, occasioning meetings with prestigious companies from Romania and abroad  which presented the current state of development of the military equipment and capabilities, as well as the latest trends and technical solutions acquired from the scientific research in the field of security and defense.

TURBOMECANICA, with over 40 years of experience in aeronautical field, is the unique supplier on the domestic market of the M.R.O. for TURMO IVC / CA turbo engines and for the mechanical assemblies that equip  IAR 330 PUMA helicopter as well as for VIPER 632-41 R / M turbo-jets that equip IAR 99 STANDARD / SOIM aircraft utilized by the Ministry of National Defense (Air Force Staff, Force Staff Naval) and the Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI).

This year, TURBOMECANICA presented its current technical products /capabilities under the auspices of A.R.I.E. (Romanian Helicopter Industry Association – founded for the purpose of promoting and developing the helicopter industry in Romania) – together with our partners – Romanian companies in the aviation industry: Airbus Helicopters Romania S.A., Airbus Helicopters Industries S.R.L., our traditional partner IAR Braşov, Aeroteh S.A., I.N.C.D.T. Comoti, Aerofina S.A.

During this event, TURBOMECANICA had the privilege to welcome in ARIE stand the Prime Minister of Croatia, Mr. Andrej Plenković, accompanied by the Minister of National Defense – Mr. Mihai-Viorel Fifor.

This was an excellent opportunity for TURBOMECANICA team to present company’s current technical products / capabilities, the major aircraft upgrading programs in which we take part as the exclusive MRO provider for PUMA helicopter engines and mechanical assemblies – together with IAR Braşov, our traditional partner – and to emphasize the capacities available for  medium / short term internal and international cooperation, together with those of the Romanian industry.

During the three days of the exhibition, the Delegation of the Armaments Department led by the Secretary of State Andrei Ignat also paid a visit to  TURBOMECANICA stand and, with this occasion, the latest achievements in the field of armaments were reviewed; the Delegation of the Armaments Department sought to identify opportunities and solutions for promoting the national economic operators in the international defense industry through cooperation with established companies in the field.
The Lebanese Air Force delegation (LAF) also visited A.R.I.E stand and there were analyzed future opportunities for cooperation with the Romanian aviation industry .

We also received  with pride and joy, in our exhibition stand, the visit of Mr. Lian SOMESAN (PhD in Engineering),  the Deputy for Supplies of Air Forces Chief of Staff, accompanied by SMFA / MApN leaders, who presented the stages and the evolution of the major aviation programs in which TURBOMECANICA is involved, being analyzed the general aspects that defined their development, solutions and ways to improve the communication between the concerned industries and  MApN structures.

I had the honor to host in TURBOMECANICA stand the visit of the Ministry of Economy delegation led by Mr. Minister Danuţ Andruşca, with whom professional discussions also took place; there were analyzed the stages of completion of the ongoing aviation programs and the concrete opportunities / availability for industrial programs, but also the continuation, in the next years, of the repairs programs for PUMA Helicopter and IAR 99 Standard / SOIM fleet.
During BSDA  other  meetings with international companies took place,  such as Bet Shemesh Engines Ltd (BSEL) / Israel, interested in a long-term cooperation for the delivery of various items (rotors, diffusers etc.)
We reaffirm the fact that this edition of BSDA 2018 was, just like the previous editions, an occasion to identify solutions for business cooperation, contributing to  the international  promotion of the Romanian defense industry and also facilitating a greater visibility on the international market.

The participation in BSDA 2018 was also important for TURBOMECANICA., as well as for its A.R.I.E. partners, for a more efficient   cooperation in the field of industrial military, this being an important component of Romania’s diplomatic efforts.