Turbomecanica s.a.


TURBOMECANICA provided financial and material support in the development of educational projects

TURBOMECANICA has carried out a sponsorship process for Robo Sapiens robotics team of the Spiru Haret National College to develop and promote young talent because we believe that, nowadays,  everything is based on technology and innovation.

We support the education and the young people to participate and develop their skills in science, technology, engineering and math programs.

FIRST Tech Challenge is the first and largest national robotics competition in Romania dedicated to high school students which encourages them to use engineering principles in the field of robotics in a competitive environment.

Our company has helped them, through manufacturing parts and financial sponsorship, to create a robot with which they will compete in a high school competition.

We want to promote the use of robotics in education by creating an ecosystem whose main objective is to stimulate and encourage children and young people to get involved, since very young age, in the development of technical projects with orientation towards high schools / faculties in the field.

The theme of this year’s competition was Rover Ruckus and was based on taking over spherical and cubic plastic objects from the corner of the field and placing them on the lander positioned in the center of the field. Also, the robot starts the game suspended by lander, being forced to resume its initial position at the end of the match.

TURBOMECANICA supports initiatives that improve the chances of developing the younger generation because it requires involvement and voluntary support from companies to society, so that education and training of young people can achieve the desired results.