Turbomecanica s.a.


TURBOMECANICA provided support to young people in organizing educational events

Our strategy is to invest in valuable young people to help them capitalize on their skills and develop professionally.

The Train New Trainers (TNT) project by the EUROAVIA Association of the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering at the Polytechnic University of Bucharest (UPB) has been a program of interest to us and we have decided to sponsor and support it in delivering results.

EUROAVIA is a student initiative aimed at strengthening the links between students and the aerospace industry, as well as at stimulating cultural exchanges between members. Moreover, the association wishes to inform on  the students’ potential to operate in the aerospace field.

Teamwork, leardership, public speaking, time management, creativity, group dynamics are just a few topics addressed in the Train New Trainers project.

Our company builds on the positive impact of this project, represented by the dept hof learning process and self-reflection, and a more profound self-assessment, with immediate impact on self-development.

People described TNT as “inspiring,” “empowered,” and “the best thing they ever did with students for global health.”

Our statement is that training is a way of building students  skills and capacity, leading to the ability to apply innovative and creative ideas.